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PipeLaunch LinkedIn Connector

Company Insights

Company Insights offers two categories, “Info” and “Jobs”. Under Info, you can find detailed information about the company along with the description, Industry classification, Company size, and specialties.
Furthermore, you can also find the company locations. Under Jobs, you can find different job openings sorted by date.
You can update the Salesforce values by clicking on the update icon in the top right corner.

Contact Insights

Contact Insights offers complete detailed information about your lead/contact including accomplishments, expertise, work experience, locations, and licenses & certifications.
You can also validate email addresses by choosing the validate email option from the drop-down.

Company Details

Here you can find a description of the company, as well as the company’s web page and LinkedIn account.

If the company is not found, press “Not the right company?” and go through other suggested options. use the “Manual Search” function to find the right company. Alternatively, use the “Manual Search” function to find the right company. Press “Update” if you want to use the new company information.

Once “Update” is pressed you can select what information you want to replace or add.

Ideal Customer Profile

Under “Ideal Customer Profile” personas from the target company will be shown.
By default PipeLaunch will display personas with the highest seniority first.

In the dropdown menu go to “settings” to customise your search filters.
Here you can choose between different titles and regions.

The suggested personas can swiftly be added to your Salesforce as either Leads or Contacts and will thereafter be marked with a Salesforce cloud to avoid duplication.

To hide the previously created contacts press “Hide existing contacts” found in the dropdown menu.



After pressing “New Lead”/”New Contact” the prospect’s information will be imported straight from LinkedIn, in addition to their email address.

Company News

News articles about the company can be used to stay up to date on its current activities.

Under “Settings” you can choose which websites you want the company news to be selected from.

Company Technologies

In this section the current technologies being used by the company can be found.

Press the button with the filter icon to show filters for different technology categories.

After selecting the filters you want to apply the technologies will show at the bottom.

Job Openings

Here an overview of the company's current vacant positions can be found.

Go to “Settings” to choose what job titles you want to look for in the job openings.

PipeLaunch Chrome Extension

With our chrome extension you can add accounts, leads and contact to your Salesforce directly from LinkedIn.

Installation Link – PipeLauch Chrome Extension

Follow the installation link, or search for PipeLaunch on Chrome Web Store.
Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ Button

Then upon pop up, Click on “Add extension”

Click on Extensions icon on the right side of the address bar and pin PipeLaunch.

Once logged in on LinkedIn, click on PipeLaunch Extension button and the
PipeLaunch extension window on the right will pop up.

Read and accept “terms & conditions” and Login with your Salesforce!
You are all set with PipeLaunch Login!

Create New Lead/Contact

To create a new lead or contact, go to the lead/contact LinkedIn page and click on the Chrome extension. You can also create a new account for the Lead/Contact.
Choose to create a new lead or new contact and fill in the required Lead information and save all the information to your Salesforce from the Chrome extension.

You can also validate email from the Chrome extension.

Create a New Account

Go to the company's LinkedIn page and use the Chrome extension to add a new account.
Moving forward you can add all the required information and save all the data to your Salesforce account from the Chrome extension.

Message Templates

Choose the icon as shown in the screenshot to use the Message Templates.

Click on Template Settings from the icon or choose Settings by clicking the User icon on the Chrome extension.

You can click on the New Template option in order to create your own template with custom variables as shown below.

Message Extraction

You can extract message history from LinkedIn by choosing the Salesforce logo in the bottom right corner.
If you choose to add only certain messages, you can select and remove the irrelevant information.

Additionally, you can also choose the particular message that you want to individually extract and store in your CRM.
In case you would like to extract messages for a Lead/Contact who does not exist on your CRM, choose the New Lead/ New Contact option from the Chrome Extension to create on the go.

Website Extraction

You can extract company information from the website directly and save it in your CRM.
Under the Matches, you can create an Account on Salesforce using the Chrome Extension.

Using the Insights tab, you can find the company information along with the Technology stack, and Location and add it to your CRM.
Additionally, it is also possible to find more prospects by clicking on “Find more prospects” and directly adding Contacts or Leads using Ideal Customer Profile.


If you need any additional information our support don't hesitate to contact us on support@PipeLaunch.com

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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