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Download a PDF CV from LinkedIn

Go to the profile on LinkedIn.
Open the Chrome Extension
If the record does not exist in Salesforce make sure you create a Contact or a Lead
Click on the 3 dots button ⋮
Click on Save PDF

Two types of CV generation:

1. Default LinkedIn CV

By choosing the first option, you can generate a default LinkedIn CV.

Data Gathering: Gathers all available data on LinkedIn.
Career Timeline Chart: Does not include a career-timeline chart.
Visual Appeal: Not visually appealing; represents all data as it is.
Skills and Endorsements: Does not include the candidate's skills along with endorsements.

2. PipeLaunch generated CV

Data Gathering: Gathers data along with company logos, making each experience summary distinct.
Career Timeline Chart: Includes a career-timeline chart.
Visual Appeal: Visually appealing with data arranged in a proper representation, including icons, etc.
Skills and Endorsements: Includes the candidate's skills along with endorsements.
Recruiters' Understanding: Easy for the recruiter to understand the candidate profile.

When you select the second option, PipeLaunch will generate a comprehensive CV featuring a career-specific timeline, skills, educational background, experience, and more.

Next Step:

Once you complete you can go to the record in Salesforce and you will find the PDF under the related records.

CV Extraction from LinkedIn to Salesforce

Activation on PipeLaunch Settings

You can choose to enable or disable default LinkedIn CV generation.

Do you know that you can automatically run a flow each time the PDF is uploaded? Learn how

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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