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Predefined Field Values

Predefined Field Values are a feature in Salesforce that allows you to automatically populate fields with predefined values when creating or editing records. This can save time and ensure data consistency across your organization. To set up Predefined Field Values, you need to follow these steps:

Navigate to the Object Manager in Setup and select the object that contains the field you want to predefine.
Click Buttons, Links, and Actions and then click the New Action.
Select Update a Record as the Action Type

Click on the New button to create a new Predefined Field Values

In the Predefined Value section, enter the value that you want to prepopulate in the field. You can use formulas, merge fields, or global variables to dynamically generate values based on certain conditions or user attributes.

Click Save.

Click on the Edit Layout button

Make sure that your field is present in the page layout.

Click Save to store the layout changes and return to the previous screen.

Go to PipeLaunch Settings > Chrome Extension > Your Object name. Enter the Action name

Click Save.

Refresh your Chrome Extension. Confirm if the values are prefilled.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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