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Allocate PipeLaunch licenses and permission sets

Please note you need to be a Salesforce Admin in order to perform this task.

Add PipeLaunch Licenses to Users

Go to Setup

PipeLaunch Setup in Salesforce

Look for installed packages

PipeLaunch installed Packages in Salesforce

Click on Manage Licenses in the row for PipeLaunch and then on Add Users

PipeLaunch Setup Manage Licenses

Add new PipeLaunch users

Select the users that you would like to license and click on Add before leaving the screen.

Add PipeLaunch Permission sets to Users

Lastly, allocate the PipeLaunch permission set to all the licensed users by going to the “Permission Set” on the Setup

Salesforce Permission Sets for Apps

Under the Permission Sets click on PipeLaunch (Not PipeLaunch Admin)

PipeLaunch user Permission Sets in Salesforce

Under the PipeLaunch Permission Set click on “Manage Assignment”, then click on “Add Assignment”

Add Assignments to PipeLaunch Users

Select the users that will be using PipeLaunch (by ticking the box next to the name) and click the Assign Button

Assign PipeLaunch Permissions to Users

Now you are all set and all the users with the PipeLaunch licenses and PipeLaunch permissions allocated are able to use PipeLaunch.

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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