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PipeLaunch Native Salesforce App Installation Guide

Download the latest version from the AppExchange:

Click on Install for Admins Only button

Approve Third-Party Access. PipeLaunch API access is mandatory to use the app.

Wait while the app is installing. The installation can take up to 6 minutes, at which point Salesforce will let you know that the installation is taking longer. You should receive an email once the installation is successful.

Go to Setup, and search for Installed Packages menu.

Search for the PipeLaunch app on the list of installed packages. Click on the Configure button link (left side) to access the Settings

Allocate Licenses to Users

Now you need to allocate the licences to the right users. Click on “Manage Licences”.

Click on “Add User”.

Select the users you want to give access to PipeLaunch tom please note that you will only be able to add users until you have no more available licenses.

Allocating the Permission Sets to users

Lastly, allocate the PipeLaunch permission set to all the licensed users by going to the “Permission Set” on the Setup.

Under the Permission Sets click on PipeLaunch (Not PipeLaunch Admin).

Under the PipeLaunch Permission Set click on “Manage Assignment”, then click on “Add Assignment”.

Select the users that will be using PipeLaunch (by ticking the box next to the name) and click the Assign Button.

To add the PipeLaunch Lightning Web Components to your Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities please follow our post installation guide.

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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