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Post Installation Setup

PipeLaunch is supported by Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. In this example we will use the Accounts Object.

Adding the PipeLaunch Components to Salesforce objects

Open any account in Salesforce and click on the setup wheel on the top right corner.

Supported Objects
✅ Accounts
✅ Contacts

for mobile

This feature is not available for Salesforce Enterprise and Essentials users

Click on “edit page”

Scroll down on the left hand side, until you reach the custom component labeled “Custom - Managed”

Click and drag the items on to your Salesforce Screen (in the middle). You can drop them anywhere on the screen. Please note each component has different functionalities.
Company Info: Shows company information including logo, domain and company information.
Company News: Information on the company you have open. You can choose what domains PipeLaunch is getting information from.
Job Openings: Displays jobs based on your keywords, from Linkedin and the Company website.
Ideal Customer Profile (formerly Suggested Contacts): Here you see other contacts at the Account that could be of interest to you.
Mobile Manager: This feature is only available to Salesforce Enterprise costumes. With “Send to Mobile” you can send the contact number of
the account of contact to your mobile device.

Once you are happy with the setup and where the components are displayed, go ahead and click Save to store the layout.

Press on the arrow on the top left corner to return to Salesforce.

Once you can see the components, you will notice a drill down icon on each of the components. The following components can be edited to retrieve different results.
Suggested Contacts, add the job titles you want PipeLaunch to retrieve for you.
Job Openings, add the keywords for the job openings that might interest you.
Company News, add the domain where you want PipeLaunch to get information from.

If you have installed PipeLaunch in the past, note that you might have to delete the Lightning Web Component and add it again in order to refresh the component.

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Updated on: 23/04/2024

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