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Grant Support Access to Salesforce or PipeLaunch

Your company's administrators have automatic access to your account without requiring any action from you. However, if your organization mandates that users must give permission for administrators to log in, you have the ability to provide access for a specific period.

For security considerations, the maximum duration for granting access is limited to 1 year. Once access is granted, administrators or support representatives can utilize your login credentials to access your data and assist you in resolving any issues.

Click on your profile menu and select Settings.

Search for "Grant Account Login Access" in the Quick Find box.
Search for PipeLaunch on the list. You can establish the expiration date for this access by selecting a value from the provided list.
Finally, remember to save your changes.

If any setup modifications are made by an administrator, support representative, or publisher using your login credentials, the setup audit trail will document these changes along with the associated usernames. Additionally, in certain organizations, a record of clicks made by an administrator while logged in as you may also be recorded for auditing purposes.

Please do not forget to share your ORG ID with the organization that has requested support access. How to

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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