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Hide Salesforce (or PipeLaunch) Lightning Web Components based on Permission Sets

This will allow to to select which users can see the PipeLaunch components.

Creating the Permission Set and the Custom Permissions

Go to Setup

Search for Custom Permissions and click on New

Call the new Custom Permision PipeLaunch View and click Save

Search for Permission Sets and click on New

Call the new Permission Set PipeLaunch View and click Save

Open the new Permission Set called PipeLaunch View

Select Custom Permissions

Click on edit

Move the PipeLaunch View over

So that it is under Enabled Custom Permissions and Save

Go to the Permission Set that was created in step 5.

Select Manage Assignments

Click on Add Assignments

Select the user you want to add click Next

On the next page click Assign

Adding the Custom Permission to the Components that should not be visible to specific users

Edit page of the desired component (Contact, Lead, Account, Opportunity) and go to Edit Page

Select the desired component and click on + Add Filter

Click on Advanced

Use the selection as displayed below Permissions / Custom Permission / PipeLaunch_View

Click on Done and it should now display an eye icon.

The result will look like this

Without Permission Set PipeLaunch View

With Permission Set PipeLaunch View

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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