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Creating the Job Opening Unique ID Custom Field in Salesforce

This custom field is crucial as it ensures PipeLaunch can accurately identify job openings and avoids creating duplicates. Here's how to create this field:

Permissions Required: You'll need Salesforce administrator permissions to create custom fields. If you don't have these permissions, contact your Salesforce admin for assistance.


Navigate to Setup: Login to Salesforce and navigate to the Setup menu.

Access Object Manager: Under Customize, click Object Manager.

Select the Job Object: In the Object Manager list, find the object where you want to add the Unique ID field. Seven20 user's should select the seven20__Job_Lead__c custom object.

Manage Fields: Click on Fields & Relationships.

Create New Field: Click the New button.

Choose Field Type: Select Text as the data type for the Unique ID.

Field Label & Name: Enter "Unique ID" as the Field Label. Salesforce will automatically populate the Field Name based on the label (it usually replaces spaces with underscores). You can modify the Field Name for better organization, but ensure it uses only alphanumeric characters and underscores.

Field Length: Set the Field Length to 128. This ensures the field can accommodate the required length.

Unique Field: Check the box next to Unique. This is critical to prevent duplicate IDs.

Case Sensitivity: Select the option Treat "ABC" and "abc" as different values (case sensitive).

Set Field-Level Security (Optional): You can adjust who can see and edit this field by configuring field-level security. Refer to Salesforce documentation for details on this step if needed

Add to Page Layouts: Click Next to define on which page layouts (record detail views) you want the Unique ID field to appear. Select the relevant layouts and click Next. Most of the users prefer not to add this field to the layout.

Save the Field: Click Save to create the custom field.

Additional Notes:

Remember, this Unique ID needs to be populated during data entry for each job opening to ensure proper PipeLaunch identification.
Since the field is case-sensitive, ensure consistent data entry (uppercase/lowercase) to avoid creating duplicates due to minor variations.

By following these steps, you'll have successfully created the Unique ID custom field in Salesforce, enabling PipeLaunch to accurately manage job openings and avoid duplicate records.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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