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Error: No such column CompanyNumericalId__c

If you encounter the error "No such column CompanyNumericalId__c" or you cannot access the field "CompanyNumericalId__c" when creating or updating a record, it may be because Salesforce did not update the permission set for your user account. This can happen sometimes when there are changes in the PipeLaunch app or your Salesforce organization.

To fix this issue, you must reassign the "PipeLaunch" permission set to your user account. This will grant you the necessary access to the field "CompanyNumericalId__c" and allow you to use PipeLaunch without errors. Here are the steps to reassign the permission set:

Go to Setup in your Salesforce org.
In the Quick Find box, type "Permission Sets" and click on it.
Find the "PipeLaunch" permission set and click on it.
Click on "Manage Assignments" at the top of the page.

Save the list of current users and remove all the current assignments
Click "Add Assignments" and select the users from the list.
Click on "Assign" and then "Done".

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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