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How to Show Profile Pictures and Logos in Salesforce Using the PipeLaunch image fields

This article guides you through creating a formula field to display Pipelaunch contact profile pictures (avatars) or company logos directly on your Salesforce layouts. This will enhance the visual experience for users working with Salesforce. Here are the steps:

Access Salesforce Setup:
Log in to your Salesforce account.
Click on the Gear icon (Setup) in the top-right corner.

Navigate to Object Manager:
In the left sidebar, search for the Object where you want to add this field (e.g., Account, Contact, or Lead).
Click on the relevant object (e.g., Account).

Create a new formula field
Output: text

Add this formula

IF(NOT(ISBLANK(plaunch__avatar_url__c)), IMAGE(plaunch__avatar_url__c, 'Avatar'), NULL)

if you want to specify the image size (may distort the image if the aspect ratio isn't square) use the formula below:

IF(NOT(ISBLANK(plaunch__avatar_url__c)), IMAGE(plaunch__avatar_url__c, 'Avatar', 150, 150), NULL)

Edit the Page Layout:
On the object detail page, click on Page Layouts in the left sidebar.
Select the appropriate Page Layout (e.g., Account Layout).
Drag the formula field to the desired location on the layout.

Save and Activate:
Save your changes to the page layout.
Ensure that the formula field is visible to the appropriate profiles.
Activate the updated page layout.

Test the Formula Field:
Open a contact or account record to verify that the profile picture or company logo is displayed based on the formula field.

And there you have it! Users will now see the profile picture or company logo directly within the Salesforce layout. 🌟
Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance! 😊

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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