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PipeLaunch GPT Installation Guide

Post Installation Setup

PipeLaunch is supported by Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. In this example we will use the Accounts Object.

Adding the PipeLaunch Components to Salesforce objects

Open any account in Salesforce and click on the setup wheel on the top right corner.

Click on “Edit Page”.

Scroll down on the left hand side, until you reach the custom component labeled “Custom - Managed” and search for the PipeLaunch components.

Click and drag the items on to your Salesforce Screen (in the middle). You can drop them anywhere on the screen. Please note each component has different functionalities.

Once you are happy with the setup and where the components are displayed, go ahead and click Save to store the layout.

Now open any Contact and edit the page layout.

Add the following components:
PipeLaunch GPT
Contact Insights

Click Save.

Open any Lead and repeat the operation of adding the same two components.

Initial PipeLaunch GPT Settings

Make sure that you have the PipeLaunch Admin permission set assigned to your user profile.

Search for PipeLaunch Settings in the App Launcher.

Go to the GPT section page

Setup your organisation details.
Add at least one product to the products list. Take your time to write the details about your product. A good description about your product and a list of the unique selling points will help to generate better emails.

User Settings

When you use the GPT component for the first time you will have to do a short initial setup.

Accept the terms and conditions and enter your personal information. The rich text signature is optional since the name and the job title will be added automatically to your email.

After all the steps are completed click on the Start Now button to save the settings.

Using PipeLaunch GPT

Select the scenario from the list. PipeLaunch adds new scenarios each month.

Select the product that you want to introduce from the list and any further information that could be relevant to generate the email. That will add a personal touch to the email.

Click Generate to view a preview of the email. If you want to change some details you can click on the Previous button to return to the previous step and edit the details.

Click Send to send the email to the recipient.

Please note, that sent emails will only show in activities once you refresh the page.

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Updated on: 30/08/2023

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