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Unlink the Account or Company with the associated LinkedIn URL

If you associate by mistake the wrong LinkedIn URL to an Account or a Lead (Company), you can “reset” or remove the association by doing the following:

On the component Company Insights, click on the top right down-arrow and select the option Unlink LinkedIn profile.

NOTE: If you don’t have this component available or visible on your page layout, you must manually delete the “company LinkedIn” custom field. On the Account object, the default field is called plaunch__LinkedIn__c. On the Lead object, the default field is called plaunch__CompanyLinkedIn_c.

The custom field could differ if you use the custom field mapping options. Check the custom field defined on the PipeLaunch settings.

Ensure you have access to the field and the custom field is visible. Delete the content and save the record.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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