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When the company name in Salesforce does not match the LinkedIn Company Name

PipeLaunch uses two fields to show company and contact information.

Account Name
LinkedIn Company Name

By default, if only the Account field is populated, PipeLaunch will use this field as a reference to search for Account Insights, Contact Insights, and Ideal Customer Profile.
If the LinkedIn Company Name is populated, it will use the LinkedIn Company Name as a reference for searches and ignore the text in the Account Name field. In the use case above PipeLaunch will use Slack and not Slack Corp.

If the account you want to match is not displayed, you can

Click on Other suggestions

Click on Change the search company name


Enter the name you a searching for on the search box and click Save

The field LinkedIn Company Name is not being displayed, follow this article.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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